Customer Support

The complexity of the tasks
solved with our software solutions requires guidance and support from experienced modellers and software engineers. Therefore, the subscription to our software solutions includes customer support through email our phone communication for the entire subscription period.
We also offer remote desktop support from our teamviewer interface.

Maintenance &
Update Service

Our software solutions undergo continuous improvements
by our modellers and software engineers. Additional features
and simulation models are being developed and  integrated
into future releases.
We want our customers to benefit most from these advancements,
therefore, we offer our software maintenance and update services in
all our subscription packages.
Software updates are typically released every 4-6 months.

Software Training & Workshops

Our software training is conducted by experienced engineers with several years of training experience.
Our aim is not only to teach the use of our software, but to train our clients to understand better the operation and interdependency of energy systems and how they are reflected by the mathematical models implemented in our software solutions.
Our software training is customized to the specific needs of our clients. Before the training, we develop
together with the client a training plan that satisfies the specific needs and level of experience
of the participants.
We are always open to include model examples and material provided by our customers in the training.
Our training sessions include a trial period of our software solutions and customer support service after the first training session. 
A training or workshop session includes a two-day personal training which can be conducted either

  • in our office in Essen, Germany,
  • at a desired location of our customer  or
  • remotely via online training.

Consulting & Engineering

Development of Network Models

We offer assistance in preparing and converting your network and scenario input data from external applications into the desired input format for our software solutions 
(e.g. GIS Shape files, MS Excel files, CSV files etc.)
We also develop network models from scratch based on our exprience in network planning and operation. 

Simulation Studies

We conduct simulation studies for our customers and provide technical reports and recommendations based on the results. Simulation studies may include network expansion, planning, feasibility and reliability studies.

Project Management

We readily step up where leadership is needed to see projects through. Our expertise lies in the planning, operation and integration of energy systems, in particular, network model development, SCADA system integration and interfacing different simulation platforms.

Custom Software Development & Extensions

Our software solutions can be customised to you specific needs. We can integrate our Application Programming Interface (API) to your existing Energy Management Systems our build an interface between your existing simulation models and our API.

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